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Some Insight into the CPF

  • The South African Police Service Act, Act 68 of 1995, tells us how in Chapter 7. It explains the purpose and objectives of Community Police Forums and Boards.
  • Section 18 instructs that the CPF ;
  • – Establish and maintain a partnership between the Community and the Police Service
  • – Promote communication between the Police Service and the Community
  • – Promote co-operation between the Police Service and the Community by fulfilling the needs of the Community regarding policing
  • – Improve the rendering of Police Services to the Community at National, Provincial, area and local levels
  • – Improve transparency in the Service and the accountability of the Service to the Community
  • – Promote joint problem identification and problem-solving by the Service and the Community
  • Section 19 instructs that Each Police Station shall have established a Community Police Forum, and that the Community Police Forum may establish sub-forums.
  • What is Sector Policing ?
  • The SAPS Sector Policing Operational Guide, explains as follows :
  • Sector policing is, therefore, seen as a method of dividing a police station’s area into smaller sectors.
  • The main principles are summarised as follows:
  • • Using it as a crime-prevention technique which entails an understanding of the causes of crime and the enabling factors.
  • • Joining the capabilities of the police and the community and, in partnership, launch projects to –
  • • identify and address such causes, as well as enabling factors
  • • identify hotspots and vulnerable communities
  • • address community needs.
  • • Making the most effective use of all available resources at a police station and in the community to address crime.
  • • Adopting a community-oriented, problem-solving approach.
  • • Working in close cooperation with the local community.
  • • Encouraging community involvement, enhanced visibility and patrolling sectors.
  • • Delivering quality service provided by officers, enjoying the support and approval of the community and active participation by the community in respect of its own safety and security.
  • And we do have Sector Policing active in our area, and we currently have Three Sectors.
  • In terms of the Mandate given to the local Community Police Forum, we are supposed to have Three CPF Sub-forums. These sub-forums do not establish themselves. Volunteers are needed to drive the initiative.
  • The CPF, being an official body has their own Constitution which embodies and guides it’s Members.
  • Inclusive of the objectives prescribed by the SAPS act, the following are also listed as functions of the CPF :
  • – Promote co-operation between SAPS, Local Community, Law Enforcement Agencies, Community Safety Structures, Victim Support Structures, Community Based Organisations and Municipal Services.
  • – Mobilise the Community and Organisations in the Community to join the Forums, Sub-forums, Community Safety Structures and Victim support structures.
  • This means that in effect it is required for all COMMUNITY BASED organisations, structures and bodies to register as a MEMBER of the CPF, and for these Organisations to work together for the betterment of the Community.
  • And here is where the confusion comes in between the CPF and the Neighbourhood Watches.
  • All members of the Community are by default members of the CPF.
  • Only registered and Police Cleared Members can be Members of a Neighbourhood Watch, or as the Constitution of the NHW prescribes.
  • All CPF registered member Organisations have a vote each, representing their individual organisations and their collective members at the CPF AGM or SGM, as held from time to time. All members of these organisations are however welcome to attend, and are required to attend the CPF public meetings, held monthly in each sector.
  • Street Committees on the other hand do not have an official constitution, nor an electoral process to determine a Street Captain per Street Committee. Street Captains are usually volunteered. It is an informal community structure. It is done on a volunteer basis, and encourages neighbours to get to know neighbours. Some street captains are NHW affiliated and some are not. The CPF however encourages all Street Committee members to consider joining the ranks of a NHW.

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Marya Davison, 2015

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Chester Morton, 2017